The quality of care your child receives shouldn’t depend on your zip code or country of residence. Telehealth technology removes the barriers of time and distance, enabling you to connect to our experts in an instant.

Using this technology, we help you receive the most advanced care possible, wherever and whenever you need it. By leveraging existing collaboration technologies, you and your doctor have access to a broader range of specialists, allowing you to maintain flexibility and control over treatment decisions and your child’s overall care.

The goal of the Telehealth Program is to improve the coordination of your child’s care during all phases (consultation, pre-hospitalization, and post-discharge), ensuring that the highest quality of clinical care is delivered both conveniently and effectively.

Using secure interactive videoconferencing technologies, encrypted messaging, and digital file uploading, we can safely manage the flow of information between various care team members. We can collaborate live with you, your family, and your doctors and nurses to discuss your child’s case and treatment plan. Once you decide to come to Boston Children’s Hospital, we can use these tools to prepare you for your visit. And after your child is discharged, we can use the tools to perform follow-up visits.

In most cases, all that’s required for telehealth is adequate Internet access and a device (such as a computer or smartphone) that includes a webcam, microphone, and audio.

For more information on telehealth, contact the Telehealth Program at 1-857-218-3269 or