Boston Children’s Hospital is home to one of the most advanced pediatric transplant centers in the United States. Over the past 40 years, our internationally recognized team of surgeons – drawn from the hospital’s top-ranked cardiologygastroenterology, and nephrology departments, among others – has performed hundreds of successful organ transplants in children, including liver and kidney transplants.

Just as important, our center is at the forefront of treatments and technologies that enable many children to avoid a transplant or to extend the time before needing one. From a novel bowel-lengthening procedure to one of today’s most advanced ventricular-assist devices (supporting blood circulation), our center has the means and experience to keep your child away from the operating room longer.

We know that organ transplants are life-changing for families, not just patients, so our care extends far beyond the operating room. Our attentive and compassionate staff provides comprehensive support to patients and family members at every step of the way, from communicating with referring physicians and insurance companies to making sure you feel at home during your stay in the hospital. We take care of the details, big and small, so you and your family can focus on getting your child well.

Our Approach

When patients receive an organ transplant, their need for care doesn’t end after surgery. In fact, a transplant is just the beginning of a lifelong medical journey. That’s why the pediatric transplant center offers a continuity of care that covers all aspects of healthy living before, during, and after a transplant. This comprehensive care includes:

  • Pre- and post-transplant care, coordinated by pediatric experts specializing in the specific organ that was transplanted.
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team that includes specialists in transplant infectious diseases, nurse coordinators, transplant pharmacists, research coordinators, dieticians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers.
  • Expert knowledge in the unique emotional and physical needs of infant, child, and adolescent patients.

Research and Innovation

The first transplant program at Boston Children’s Hospital began in 1971. Since then our specialists have dedicated themselves to providing the most effective and family-centered transplant care and to pushing the boundaries of knowledge for all phases of the transplant process. Some of our notable advances and initiatives include:

  • New methods of detecting and treating antibodies produced after transplantation
  • Steroid-free immune-system suppression for liver transplant patients
  • Investigations into the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B and C viruses in children
  • Identification of cell signals that predict organ rejection before it occurs

Patient Story: Helping Hands Across Borders

When a small boy from the West Bank is diagnosed with a congenital condition that compromises the kidneys and urological system, a team of Israeli doctors and U.S. benefactors join together to secure him a kidney transplant.  Read more >>