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Research and Innovation | Overview

Research faculty in the Division of General Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital represent a number of scientific disciplines, including medicine, psychology, and public health. Faculty conduct health services research, clinical research, behavioral interventions, public health research, community-based participatory research, and other types of qualitative and quantitative research on child, adolescent, family, and community issues. Research funding comes from federal agencies, including the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the National Institutes of Health, as well as private non-profit foundations and donors.

Core Research Faculty

Jay G. Berry

Alyna Chien, Research Director

Hiu-fai Fong

Richard Goldstein

Marissa Hauptman

Alisa Khan

Christopher P. Landrigan

Marcella Luercio

Jonathan Mansbach

Caleb P. Nelson

Mihail Samnaliev

Gregory S. Sawicki

Amy Starmer

Sara Toomey

Kathleen Walsh

Jennifer Yeh

Other Research Faculty

Sophie Allende-Richter

Richard C. Antonelli

Fabienne Bourgeois

Kathleen Conroy

Joanne Cox

Jonathan Hatoun

Faye Holder-Niles

Corinna Rea

Snehal Shah

Alan Woolf