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Todd Schiffer | Medical Services


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Todd Schiffer | Education

Undergraduate School

Fordham University

1986, Bronx, NY

Medical School

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

1993, Bronx, NY


Montefiore Medical Center

1993, Bronx, NY


Montefiore Medical Center

1996, Bronx, NY

Todd Schiffer | Professional History

I am the eldest of the founder of Central Avenue Pediatrics, Dr. Kenneth Schiffer. He has been the role model for myself and my sister and partner Dr. Michelle Merer. We grew up in Hastings and my mother has been our office manager for more years that I can remember. I attended Fordham University where I achieved a bachelors in Biology and a masters in Genetics. I stayed within my borough and graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and furthered my pediatric education doing residency in the Bronx as well at Montefiore Medical Center.

Later, I received a Master’s in Medical Management at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh while an attending at Central Avenue Pediatrics and have over thirty years’ experience as an inpatient pediatric Hospitalist at multiple hospitals in Westchester and Rockland Counties. I have taught young doctors the importance of empathy and caring for our patients for more than twenty years. Understanding that the patient is the center of any physician’s career along with extraordinary training are cornerstones for myself. The empathy comes naturally when you consider your patient in the light of how we would want to be treated and doing for our children in my vocation exactly what I would do if they were one of my personal five children.

Being raised in a home where children and their health was surrounding us every day has guided me to devote each day to making a difference in the lives of children. Helping children and their families, along with my own has been a life’s work and I am proud and honored to help them grow healthy and strong.