Our growing portfolio of telehealth and telemedicine programs connects hospitals, physicians, and patients from around the world. We use digital technologies to provide patient care, professional consultations, and education at a distance. These technologies enable clinicians around the world to have rapid access to our world-renowned pediatric experts.

Our Telehealth Program develops services that help us build new relationships with physicians, hospitals, families, and patients around the globe.

The innovative techniques enabled by telehealth fit squarely within our focus on world-class, high-value care. We aim to provide exceptional pediatric care to all patients regardless of their geographic location or economic status, while reducing overall costs, maintaining quality, and improving the patient experience.

Through technology, training, and relationship building, we can help you deliver the most advanced care possible to your patients. Leveraging these collaboration technologies gives you and your patient access to a broader range of specialists, and allows you to maintain flexibility and control over patient care and treatment decisions.

Using secure interactive videoconferencing technologies, we can collaborate live with you, your nurses, the family, and the patient*. We also use tools like encrypted messaging and digital file uploads to manage the flow of information between care team members.

The goal of the Telehealth Program is to coordinate your patient’s care during all phases (consultation, pre-hospitalization, and post-discharge), ensuring that the highest quality of clinical care is delivered both conveniently and effectively.

For more information on the hospital’s telehealth programs, please visit our program website at www.childrenshospital.org/telehealth
*Appropriate technology & connectivity, adherence to local laws, and process support are required for telehealth interactions.