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Inpatient Programs & Services | Overview

The Complex Care Service inpatient team incorporates a comprehensive approach to caring for children when they are acutely ill.

Our multidisciplinary team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, pharmacists, social workers, and case management to ensure your child receives the care that is truly needed. To promote maximal continuity of care for children with frequent and lengthy hospitalizations, attending coverage is provided by two consistent attending physicians rather than the usual model of short, infrequent blocks of care. Having CCS physician staff care for children with multisystem chronic medical needs helps to ensure that chronic care needs are met even in the acute setting; for example, having a child with cerebral palsy fitted for orthotics or obtaining a nutritional consult for a child on long-term feeding supplements.

To help ensure a comprehensive plan, the inpatient team organizes team meetings with multiple consultants, physicians, nurses, and families for each child. Decisions regarding intervention and treatment are always medically challenging, and often ethically complicated.

The model of care on the inpatient service mirrors the outpatient service in using a patient-centered team approach. There is regular involvement in CCS rounds by social work, the nurse case manager, physical therapy, and pharmacy. Nursing staff collaborate closely with the medical team and also use a primary nursing team model of care to promote consistent care over multiple admissions.

We work together to help with a smooth transition for your child from the inpatient environment to home.