Current Environment:

Research at Boston Children's Hospital

The research enterprise at Boston Children’s Hospital, comprising more than 3,000 researchers, is the world’s largest at a pediatric center. Our work is fueled by a deep understanding of disease biology coupled with world-class discovery platforms, including genetics and genomics, gene editing, bioinformatics, proteomics, bioengineering, image analysis, biobanks, disease-specific stem cell lines, and a range of animal models. We have special expertise in rare disease discovery, a robust Translational Research Program and large, diverse patient populations for clinical research and trials.

More than 3,000 researchers and scientific staff

1 million square feet of research space — and growing

3,400 articles/year in peer reviewed journals — the most of any pediatric hospital


COVID-19 research

COVID-19 research at Boston Children’s Hospital ranges from molecular investigations of SARS-CoV-2 and the immune response to large-scale clinical studies of the effects of vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and MIS-C.

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A new angle on the cause of Alzheimer’s disease: Accumulating brain mutations

What causes the loss of functional neurons in Alzheimer’s? Through single-cell genome sequencing, our researchers and their collaborators show that patients’ neurons acquire an abundance of new mutations.

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Cell therapy for lung disease? Proof-of-concept study shows promise

Collaborators in our Stem Cell program and the Division of Pulmonary Medicine are moving toward the vision of cell therapy (derived from patients’ own cells) to repair or replace damaged lung tissue.

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Old vaccine, new tricks? Unlocking the BCG vaccine’s potential

Through metabolomics and lipidomics, the Precision Vaccines Program begins to unpack the mystery of why the century-old tuberculosis vaccine protects against bacterial and viral infections unrelated to TB.

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An image worth 1,000 words?

The 2021 Science Media Exhibition solicited more than 40 science image submissions from research laboratories and programs throughout Boston Children’s Hospital. The images here were presented live during a virtual event held in June in conjunction with Dr. M. Judah Folkman Research Day.